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Is Winning an Award for Business Worth It?

It’s award season for us. We’re working hard to enter several choice awards, but with so many to enter, so many categories, and such a lot of work required, it’s easy to wonder if winning an award for business is worth it?

Honestly, I’m not sure it is. Obviously, it feels great to win, but I think like most things it’s the taking part that really matters. Here’s why . . .

There are now thousands upon thousands of awards a business can enter. Every one comes with its own requirements for evidence, word counts, and entry rules. It can be a daunting task even choosing one to enter. Each application will probably take up at least a day or two of work, and that’s a big sacrifice for many small business owners.

Is Winning an Award for Business Worth It?

But there are tons of benefits to going for the win . . .

The first and probably the greatest thing about applying for an award is the fantastic opportunity to take stock of your business. Being a business owner often means you’re going a mile a minute. We forget that it’s ok (valuable, even) to take time to think and plan. It can feel like that’s time wasted. Entering an award gives you an excellent reason to do just that while still getting something done. Putting together the entry means looking at all aspects of your business

You may even realise that you’re not quite ready to be applying for the award. Do it anyway. You might win, but finishing the application will give you something to measure yourself against next time you enter.

Secondly, winning can be a huge boost to your credibility and marketing, but being a finalist will too. Most awards offer exposure to all finalists and being a finalist is something you can shout about! Many awards will receive hundreds of applications, so to be a finalist is noteworthy. You’ve stood out among your peers and competitors which can help you to do the same when you’re talking to your customers.

Furthermore, finalists get to go to the award ceremony. You’ll probably get a nice evening and meal out of it, but you’ll also be hobnobbing with high calibre business owners so make sure you wear your networking shoes. You can usually get more than one ticket, so take a team member (or two) along for a perk or morale boost.

I honestly don’t know if winning an award for business is worth it. A lot of clever people tell me it is. But entering is definitely worth it. Just going through that process can enhance and improve your business operations, create a buzz around the office and give you some fantastic PR exposure.

Though it is important not to get disheartened if you don’t get a finalist spot straight away, just like anything in business, hard work and determination will get you there … eventually!

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