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Business Awards – What a great marketing tool

Who’d have thought it?

I must say when I was asked to write several award nominations for a client, my first thought was “Me, really?”. Then I thought, “Well ok, why not.”   I write content and blogs and this simply required me to write an appraisal about someone else and their achievements.

I was intrigued as to why this person felt it was important to be nominated and also why not write the nomination herself? The response was quite simply that being nominated as a finalist shows recognition by others for skills and achievements that we do not necessarily see in ourselves.  Let alone write about ourselves. Also a lot of us find it difficult to self-appraise.  By providing a list of achievements to “another”, these achievements can be presented with informed eloquence and in a style that is not perceived as “bragging”.

It takes courage to nominate oneself for an award, or ask someone to do this, as secretly we all want to win and there is always only one winner. So I can see why the idea that being simply nominated as a finalist is a “win”.  It gives us, as an individual, confidence and that virtual “congratulatory pat on the back”. Not forgetting the marketing and brand awareness that comes with Business Awards. A winner or finalist can use the Awards logo and strap-lines, as a “tag” in social media.  And shout about the fact that we have excelled and received formal recognition which serves well during business development and sales and marketing promotions.

My client did in fact win the Editor’s Choice for the Year at the Women in IT Awards.  There had been 800 nominations across all categories. At the Awards Ceremony the number of bigger and well known corporates who had submitted nominations, surprised me. Such names as: Rolls Royce, Accenture, Vodafone, HMRC, Net a Porter Group, HSBC, Virgin Money, JP Morgan, a never ending list. It was refreshing to see that they didn’t necessarily win and that smaller SME’s and entrepreneurs took home some of the Awards. However, in my view, this proves that just being nominated, is obviously worth its weight in gold from a marketing perspective. Plus you can network at the Awards Ceremony as well if you want to.

I personally see no reason why all entrepreneurs should not submit a nomination for themselves for Business Awards.  We have all taken the “leap into the unknown” by setting up our own businesses with our own individual USP. Yet a lot of us chose not to.

So, am I going to nominate myself? …No. But, ask me to put pen to paper for others and I am happy to do so and I enjoy it at the same time.

Want an award? Go for it… what have you go to lose?


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